Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Danish Connection

Recently at Spitalfields I had another visit from a very nice Danish woman who approached me a while back with some items she'd brought from her home in Denmark. This time she had found me a real feast of jewel coloured enamel including ring shaped moulds suitable for cakes, jelly or brioche. They are in both ruby red and deep heavenly blue with white interiors. Some have little wire attachments to hang them up on the wall. Also there was a blue colander which was bought immediately and is now winging its way to America! It amazes me where vintage items begin and end. It would be great if they carried a little diary showing their history, where they came from, where they've been and where they are now! That would be so cool. I've bought things in Scotland - who knows if they started off there, then they've been bought by someone in London to take to Italy for example!
Most of the items from Denmark are that wonderful shade of sky blue but included in her latest haul were two grass green items, a funnel and a fish slice. They sold very quickly which I was a bit sad about as they were so beautiful on the stall against everything else. Included in the blue enamel was a striking coffee pot. I was told that they are called Madam Blue referring to the colour but people don't say pass the coffee pot but pass the Madam Blue which is very sweet. I also have blue funnels with white interiors which are great for decanting oil into smaller containers etc. I have a few more blue  colanders including an unusual jug shaped one. This also has a little wire for hanging on the wall where it is common in Denmark to display these items as they are beautiful as well as functional. There is also a zester and three cute tea strainers. Please contact me if you are interested in any items. 

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