Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I've got the blues, greens n budgerigars!

green and cream colourways and budgie tin

Pie dishes and loads of utensils
As I mentioned in my last blog, I will be at North London Vintage Market on 1st June 10-5. This will be the last one until September so do try to come along. As usual there will be a real mixture of vintage stalls including clothes, jewellery, textiles and  home ware, as well as delicious food and refreshments. This time there will be some stalls outside and hopefully a dog show with proceeds going to North London Hospice. It should be a really good day. For more details see:   I'll be there with some of my recent finds including Cornish ware dinner plates, pudding dishes and side plates as well as jugs. I also have what is sometimes known as the poor man's Cornish ware, made by Chef Ware. I think Woolworth's stocked it but don't let that put you off as the famous design, 'Homemaker', was also sold by them! These are also blue and white striped and are just as handsome in a different way. There are lots more utensils in an array of colours including yellow, orange and the classic cream and green. Talking of green and cream, these are one of my favourite colour-ways in enamel and  tin items. They remind me of creamy white blossoms in the garden surrounded by fresh foliage. A classic combination. The photos I'm showing are examples of  these colours together with my one remaining budgie tin. The writing on top says, 'bird sand' and the one I've already sold said, 'bird seed'. It's amazing that such mundane ingredients were sold in such attractive tins! All of these items will be at Spitalfields Thursday market until then so some of them may be snapped up but there will always be more to follow!

Beautiful blue enamel

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It's been too long!!

 Hi anyone who is still reading this. I promised I'd write more regularly but life gets in the way. I've been doing Spitalfields  as usual, buying and selling and generally enjoying myself. It's a great place not only to work but just to be there. Since last writing, I've been up to Scotland where it was snowing all around us but not actually where we were staying! Strange! I managed to collect a few goodies to sell and some of them have already gone. T.G. Green pots and a nice mixing bowl went very quickly. I bought three lovely tobacco tins from another stall holder. They were such amazing colours. One was bright yellow and blue, one brown and yellow called 'Brown Beauty' and the one I have left is called 'Nosegay'. It's a fab combination of bright green and red. They are big enough to store items other than tobacco in! The other day I bought a wonderful collection of items from a man who used to own a lighthouse in Ireland. All the items came from there. It's a really interesting collection including TG Green plates, bowls, cups and jugs. This blue and white cornishware is so fresh and reminiscent of the coast, always popular and sells quickly.Also included in my haul are a pile of patchwork quilts together with Figgjo Flint Norwegian plates decorated with prawns, mussels and vegetables in such beautiful realistic colours that they seem to be coming alive on the plates! Gradually these things will be appearing on my stall at Spitalfields and also at Crouch End Vintage Market on June 1st. This will be the last market until September so do come along. More news about it nearer the time. I missed the last one as I was away in lovely Whitstable for my birthday treat. We had amazing weather and spent lots of time on the beach eating fish n chips n sipping champagne!! It's such a lovely town with lots of interesting shops. We also visited Deal which has a lovely row of shops in what I think is the old part of the town and includes a great furniture shop with a cute cafe at the back. I was very spoilt!
Cornishware plates and cool blue enamel
I've been meaning to post this photo for a while. A young woman came to my stall and bought this basket. She promptly popped her little pooch inside and walked off very happy with her new doggie carrier/basket!

A happy pooch in his new basket!