Monday, 19 August 2013

Sun,sea and swallows!

Here I am up in the west coast of Scotland. The weather is great, though unlike London I can breathe wonderful fresh sea air. We've managed to see the fledgling swallows before they fly off to South Africa. We've watched them emerge nervously from their nest in the eaves to sit for a while on one of the rafters to work up the courage to fly. Now already in a few days they are off soaring into the clear blue sky searching for food on the wing, returning only in the evening like errant teenagers who've come home past their curfew time!
I've managed to source a few goodies so far for my stall. Even on holiday, I'm always on the look out for interesting items. A little trio of duck measuring spoons and a lovely green and white storage jar are my first buys. It's only been a week so give me time!! Oh and also I couldn't resist some beautiful bone china flower brooches and earrings. They are so delicately made using dainty pastel shades. I don't normally go for jewellery but they were so hard to resist and remind me of pretty china teacups which I sell so they will fit in with my usual stock. I imagine they may have belonged to a nice elderly lady who looked after them and cherished them so I will look after them carefully too until it's time to hand them on to another careful owner.
Life here is very different from London and a wonderful contrast. Walking on an empty beach with the dog running in and out of the water chasing the oystercatchers, eating lovely fresh seafood, picnicking on the beach and for a change having to shelter under the shade of a lovely old beach umbrella. I've been swimming too, the water at first freezing but exhilarating too. Up here is a lot like Cornwall but without all the people! It's so refreshing and really does seem like being on a desert island at times. If I see a figure in the distance on the beach, it's like, 'what, people on our beach?'  In between enjoying all these glorious experiences, I will continue my quest for new stock.

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