Monday, 25 February 2013

Facebook and milk bottles!

Hi anyone who reads this. I've been really remiss recently at attending to this blogspot. You may be just reading this after me being highlighted on Old Spitalfields Market Facebook page. If so, welcome! This is the kickstart I need to get me going again. I don't have any excuses except that I was really ill a few weeks back with the dreaded flu bug but that's no excuse for the rest of the time! Thank you to Nana who works for Old Spitalfields Market who recently highlighted my stall at Spitalfields. Cheers! Also thanks to Mike, manager of the market on Thursdays who has also featured me on his Facebook page (Old Spitalfields antique and vintage flea market). You can look at my stall on both these pages.
It's been hard work at the market in recent times as it's been so cold. We still get the intrepid regulars to whom we are always grateful to for their support even in such dogged circumstances as of recent weeks. I am still doing the regular monthly market at Crouch End. Info can be found on northlondonvintagemarket Facebook page and on Twitter. The next one is on 2nd March 10-4. There will be lots of exciting things there, vintage clothes, textiles, homeware and a great cafe for goodies.
These are some of the items I will be selling there.The teaset is by Kathy Winkle who produced china in the fifties. The marbled coffee pot is French. The large wide necked milk bottles make great vases for a few flowers, minimilist but effective. I even have some tiny ones which were used as school milk bottles, very cute. I look forward to seing you at either Spitalfields or Crouch End.
I am now going to try to write this blog at least once a week! Thanks for reading this.

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