Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pop up Shop News

Pop up Shop
Hi there! The pop up shop went well. There were quite a lot of folk mooching around at Stokey on Sunday. Graeme who sells funky retro lamps at fantastically good prices was there,Caroline who was selling vintage clothes etc and then of cours me! We're not sure if there's going to be one this Sunday but watch this space and I'll let you know. If there is one, there'll be different people selling too which always makes it interesting and diverse. There was a great response with people asking if it was going to be on every week. We wish it was and it'd be great to get premises to use on a regular basis! I've heard that there's a site where you can find premises to use temporarily as pop up shops. I must look into this.

Before 1980 Interiors fair
Now I'm gearing up for a busy few days. Spitalfields tomorrow as usual and a new venue and fair which I've mentioned before. It's on Saturday 22nd September at the Central Library on Holloway Road. It's concentrating on interiors which is a healthy change from the miriads of vintage clothes fairs. Do come along if you can. There's more info on one of my earlier blogs with a web link. Also the pop up shop may happen. I hope I've got enough stock to keep me going!!!

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