Sunday, 24 June 2012

Icing sets and other useful gadgets! Buy me but leave me for a little while!

Hi there. Not sure if anyone has read this blog yet but here goes anyway. I'm beginning to get the hang of this blogging. I've fiddled about and changed colours, backgrounds etc. and am enjoying learning more about it all.
I've managed to buy new stock despite the difficulty getting to car boots etc due to the weather. I've bought some lovely enamel coffee pots but sold one already. It's a funny thing when I get new stock. There's something in the air around a new item which seems to say 'buy me' and they fly off the table, (metaphorically speaking of course!). While the object of this funny old game of stalling is to sell things, it's always nice to hang onto new items just for a teeny bit to let regulars see so they don't just think, 'same old...' It makes me want to shout after them as they stroll off, 'I did have some new things but.........' Equally when I sell something which I'm just beginning to get tired of and thinking that's destined for the car boot box, it's really hard to hide one's delight that someone is finally buying it! I don't quite know why some things shift really quickly and other things hang around. These items I try to move around, leave them at home for a little rest, bring them back for another little visit to their friends, re group them with something else etc. This often works and if not they eventually go in the reject box. It's a big pink box  at home waiting for me to take it all to a car boot sale one of these days. The pink box has grown to three boxes of various colours which I fall over every time I load or unload for the market.
This Thursday Spitalfields Market will be outside, ousted from our usual indoor spot by some other event - not sure what but I won't be advertising it here 'cos I want you to come and see us. We will mostly be in Lamb Street as well as partly under cover inside the new market just for one week. Let's just hope the weather is kind to us and our stock doesn't get blown halfway down the street towards the big Red Rover bus near Carluccio's! That happened once when we were outside a couple of years ago but that's another story...... As I said I have lots of lovely new things including coffee pots, icing sets, fab new tins, a whole set of eight great orange handled utensils - very seventies retro. I've got lots of lovely pale blue things at the moment, a bread bin, storage tins, a roasting tin as well as cute pie dishes. We are also at Spitalfields this Saturday 30th June back in our usual spot under cover so come and visit us and say hi. Photos to follow.

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