Friday, 15 June 2012

Do you need a butter curler to make your day?

Hi there, if you've decided to read this blog. I have been thinking of doing this for ages but have never got round to it as I'm not very clever with this new way of communicating. However, spurred on by my friend's blog, I think it's a very interesting way to share what I do with all you boggers/readers. I will not be able to match the toot blog for it's wonderful way with words but I'll give it a try. I sell at Spitalfields Market alongside Jo and other interesting stallholders. I also sell at the North London Vintage Market. It's a great way of justifying wonderful buying sprees without the guilt or wondering where the heck you're going to put things when you've bought them. At first, I thought I might not be able to part with all the lubbly jubbly items I found but with my business hat on, I find it quite easy. Sometimes I keep things for a little while and then it's easier to let them move on to someone else in a while. I'll try to put photos of what I'm selling on this blog and then if you're interested, you can pop down to Spitalfields and see me or email me if you're interested in anything and you can't get to London.

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