Thursday, 5 July 2012

North London Vintage Market - this weekend!

It doesn't matter if it rains this Saturday 7th July, come and join me, among others at the North London Vintage Market at St Mary's Hall, Crouch End. There are always lots of interesting stalls selling vintage items including furniture, clothing and of course Kitchenalia!
I managed to survive being outside at Spitalfields last Thursday and the threat of a thunderstorm passed us by, thank goodness. Saturday at Spitalfields was reasonably busy and we were back inside.I always find it fascinating how many people come to my stall, look at a  red coffee pot for example and then ask me if I've got it in blue. I always want to say 'hold on and I'll go check out the stock cupboard!' The whole idea of these items being one offs, seems to pass them by. Part of the joy of having a stall is being able to observe human behaviour and it's just as interesting as selling!
Now for new items. This is one of the few bread bins that I have at the moment. It's a great blue and white enamel with the original label still attached at the front which is amazing as it was probably bought in the 1940/50s!!!
I've also managed to buy some great T.G. Green items, the blue and white striped variety known as Cornishware. I've got a lovely pestle and mortar, two jugs, a biscuit container as well as a tea, coffee and sugar set. I had a big matching bread bin but that sold today. I've also got some fab old wide necked milk bottles which are great to use as vases. Some great new tins also. I'll have all these things with me on Saturday. After that I'm off to Scotland for a break and hopefully to find some more interesting things for the stall. I'll try to write some blogs though don't have much access to the computer while I'm up there. If you're interested in any of my items please leave a comment and I'll get back to you. If you're free perhaps I'll see you at Crouch End on Saturday. 

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